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​My name is Ivy Boudreau and I'm a professional blogger specializing in sustainable brands and living. I create online content for sustainable brands that want to increase their customers' knowledge of eco-friendly practices and information, while simultaneously promoting their brand and increasing engagement. Through blog posts, I'll help your business grow its personal connection with customers, thereby increasing brand recognition and trust.

I help sustainable brands share their voice with the public.

How can I help your business grow?


What Can I Do For You?

Blog Posts

I'll create blog posts for your website that educate, inform, and entertain. These posts can cover topics like practical sustainable living tips, the best ways to use your products, creative approaches to the core values and beliefs of your company, seasonal ideas, and much more!​

Search Engine Optimization

I'll make sure your brand shows up in search engines with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Website Copy

Are you a new business? I'll collaborate with you to write professional, effective website copy that highlights key aspects of your brand such as the purpose, the team, and the products.


Here's My Portfolio

Let's Talk About Food Waste (And 10 Things To Do About It)

Real-World Solutions to The Plastic Problem

Guest Posts

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